Your Canturi jewel is 100% handcrafted in Australia and is an object of exceptional design and quality. Knowledge of how to care for it can assist in maintaining its condition.

Protect your jewels from damage by being aware of its impact with hard surfaces such as metal and stone. Avoiding impact will reduce damage such as dents, scratches, chipping, loosening or loss of gemstones.

Store your jewels in a jewellery box with separate compartments or in a jewellery roll when travelling.

Environmental factors such as dust, pollution and every day products such as hand cream, soap, perfume and hairspray will cause residue and dull your precious jewel. Regular cleaning will remove residue and restore brilliance.

All jewels will experience general wear and tear and should be brought into Canturi regularly to be cleaned and assessed.

If you are concerned about any damage caused to your jewel please contact us for assessment.


Your Canturi jewel has been designed and crafted with commitment to the highest standards in the world.

Your Canturi jewel is hallmarked to guarantee the quality of the gems, craftmanship and the purity of the metal.

Your Canturi jewel is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect under the following terms and conditions:

  The item is found by the Canturi Creation Department as being defective as a result of a creation fault.

  The item has not had any damage resulting from mishandling or inappropriate use (knocks, dents, crushing etc.); alteration; manipulation; repair or care by a service provider other than Canturi; as well as the consequences of normal wear and tear.

Proof of purchase must be presented.