The Island Luxe Collection

Black or white pavé set diamonds tumble over the edge of natural shapes, reminiscent of the beach outline by night or day.

Canturi’s playful wit emerges as he arranges these island shapes to form exotic flowers, opulent garlands or archipelagos of shimmering atolls. The designer adds spice to his monochromatic palette with beads of red and green tourmaline.

Luxuriously fluid, the Island Luxe collection is intricately handcrafted. Each piece is comprised of multiple interconnected organic forms free to flutter with the wearer's movements, preserving their natural delicacy and highlighting the jeweller's craftsmanship.

Island Luxe presents a collection of versatile wearable jewels. Transform from poolside cocktails to candlelit dinner under the stars. Magnificent jewels are also honoured with sultry pieces that take you to the dance floor of a dreamy six star island cruise.