Art Exhibition by Stefano Canturi

MiCK Gallery, Paddington
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fortyfivedownstairs Gallery
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Journey by Stefano Canturi is a rare insight into the world and mind of Stefano Canturi through his artistic journey through a series of sketches, drawings, paintings and sculptures.

He has selected ten jewellery concepts from his body of work spanning over 25 years.  For the first time ever, he shares the creative processes that work to create each inspirational final piece.

"This exhibition is a journey and not a traditional art exhibition. Works are frozen moments in time from the point of inspiration, to birth of creation, to the finished piece." He explains.

Until now, all his works have been kept private.

Art works include never before seen sketches, drawings and paintings of his masterpiece "Satine" created for Nicole Kidman in Academy Award Winning film 'Moulin Rouge'.  Also captured is the creative commencement behind the now iconic 'Cubism' collection. Here Canturi explores abstract and non-traditional styles with his arrangement of geometric lines in curved patterns. 

"I never stopped drawing.  As a child I constantly had a piece of chalk in my hand, hidden in class, carving miniature sculpture" he explains.

The sketches, paintings and sculptures are tactile, fluid and poetic, and reflect the mood and presence of his creation process that was pursued from an early age when he was first inspired by the works of the Renaissance masters.  Training under an Italian master at the age of 17, Canturi went on to free his mind and create inspirational jewellery unlike anything referenced by jewellery historians before.


Stefano Canturi on Blind drawing